"PAY what you
can sessions"

Adoption is very close to mine and Matt’s heart; we adopted our sons domestically as infants.

We also have many friends who have/were adopted, along with close family members who were adopted. We truly love celebrating the beauty that can come with adoption!

Every year in November, I even offer free Adoptive Family Mini Sessions to a handful of families to celebrate National Adoption Month. It’s such a fun day of meeting other adoptive families in Wisconsin and the community.

So even though weddings and couples are our primary focus over here, a couple of years ago we started offering a limited number of family adoption sessions all year long. The cool thing about these sessions is there is no set price. Hence why I call them "Pay What You Can Sessions".

Adoption is expensive (I’ve been there). So when a family approaches me about wanting photos taken during their child’s adoption finalization at the courthouse, or they want to celebrate a finalization with a family photoshoot, or they want to do photos with their child’s birth family because they’re in town visiting; no matter the scenario, I want to be able to serve as many of these families as I can, without the hurdle of a session fee that is outside of their budget.

So in this case, I tell them to pay what they can. Whether that’s $5 or $500. I am much more concerned about documenting the new stage of life for a family...

Whether that’s $5 or $500.

and the beauty of adoption.

Let's tell your adoption story.

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